Saturday, 7 January 2012

Whittingham bank

Here some of the shots up and down the bank at Whittingham and Minimbah from my Hunter Valley Trip. Cheers

New Centennial Coal Loco's

Whilst up in the Hunter Valley recently, coming back through Maitland my fellow trackers spotted the new Centennial Coal loco's, so we put over and here are some of the shots of CEY001 and CEY002

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Another Quick Update...

Hello again. Remembering that last year i posted the fact that I would be modelling Ourimbah in HO scale as my layout, my dad and I came to a realization that we had found a better place to model. We have decided to instead model the country town of Dunedoo and i will be uploading the photos of the construction within the coming months.

RTM's New Years Eve Aurora

He fellow trackers. Sorry that this post is a tad late but I managed to capture the New Years Eve Aurora, arriving and departing from Central Station. The Loco's that hauled the train were 4490, 4916 and 44211.

Here there are just arriving on Platform 1 at Central

the 44, the 49 and the Jumbo

The 442 getting ready to reverse around the train

The front car of the Aurora has now become the end car for the return journey

The locos getting ready to come back around the train

The long silver ribbon of Aurora carriages

Here the locos are slowly backing onto the train.

Just as the signal turns and the train begins to depart, I managed to capture the jumbo doing what it does best... making clouds of fumes!
I have uploaded the videos of the Aurora to my youtube account for viewing. here is the address.  Cheers and Enjoy.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Rail and sail update

Hey fellow enthusiasts. I have finally uploaded my Rail and Sail videos to my Youtube account. please note that i didn't have a tripod that day so all of my shots will be shaky to some degree but i hope you enjoy them.
 My youtube account is